May 21, 2007

What a weekend........

busy, busy, wet, and busy. I had a great time, never relized how much I missed being a part of the whole scouting thing. I was a scout my self, well a venturere and a rover from age 14 to 27, and have had the last 4 years out. I do miss it. Anyway, great weekend, 22 of us went away and dipite the weather, which really wasnt all that bad, we all did good work and had some fun along the way. We were on the ferry at 6:30 am and got to the island arounf 7:30. As we had to carry all our own gear we didnt have to wait at the other end for luggage and once we had hiked to tent land, it was still only 8am-ish. We set uo camp, tents etc, and headed to the famous Rotto bakery for a little morning tea and a bit of free time for the scout to do their own thing. Got to see a tonne of quakka's about the main settlement, they are so cute. At 12pm we were assigned our spacific area to for the rubbish collection and spent the next 4 hours picking up and bagging rubbish. The scout did a fantatic job, they collected a huge amount of rubbish. So with 500 scout from perth on the island to collect rubbish we must have just about cleaned the entire island. It is such a fantastic programme.

The eveing brought, red rooster for dinner, which the scouts always love( not our normal fair, but the island prohibits fires and gass cylinders, so cooking is problematic, hence the takeaway). A spot of fishing for herring after dinner. We were all happily fishing when the sky's opened and a waterfall of water came down. I was running along the jetty, collecting kids and bags and fishing gear as i went but on arrival to shelter, all, I mean all of us were completely drench. The kids were cool, most had a change of clothes, but I had forfitted and spare jacket, pants and beanie for the comfort of a blanket for the night, so Ihad to wait to dry out. It was a bit cold, but we dired off eventually, all hepled with a night hike to a small lighthouse on the island and a game of foxholes.

Quite the storm blow over night, but all tents came out the otherside undisturbed and no one got wet in their tents, so a good night all in all.

Sunday, brought a hasty breakfast and a trip and tour of the main light house on the island. Wadjemup lighthouse stands at 39 metres tall with amazing views of the island. It's a little different to most as it stands in the centre of the island instead of on the shore, but what an amazing building. Every one climbed the lighthouse except my self who is deftly afraid of heights. I tried, but even the metal spiral staircase in side was to much for me. What a chicken. Anyway the scouts all had an amazing time, and Lawley took a photo of the view of me to see.

The afternoon was spent fishing with many, many fish caught, all kissed and thrown back in. I myself caught two. I have to say, I love fishing. I must go more often.

What a weekend. soooo good.


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scrapwitch said...

sounds like you had an interesting adventure mel..that light house piccy is tops... i too get a litttle vertigo in light houses, but i push past it fro my fathers sake(he died the youngest head lightkeeper in 29) boo hoo.
great off center shot