September 13, 2008

Here it is.....

Sorry girls, I have been at work all day, so here is a picture of my birthday present to myself. I bought myself a snowflake pendant from Tiffany's. I just love it and it is so me. I have been sporting around my neck for two days now, along with my snowflake earrings. (can you see a pattern forming???) I so live in the wrong country!!!! hehe

Anyhoo, have a fantastic weekend, have many birthday events to go to this weekend, so have a lovely time, I will, see you all soon!



September 11, 2008

A little excursion......

I took myself on a little birthday excursion to the city to visit Tiffany's. I wanted to get myself something to celebrate, and looked around for ages. Let me say ladies, there are some extremely nice pieces there, but just a little bit more than I had imagined. I'm not naive in thinking they would be cheap or anything (I mean they want to attract a certain clientele), but I am surprised to say that you cannot get yourself anything for under $100. I did come away with a little something for myself, and I really mean a little something, but I love it, it is so very me. I shall take a bit of the item in question once I have found it something to hang on. Until then here a teaser.....

Don't you just love that duck egg blue and white????



September 10, 2008


Do I have the best man ever or what. Today is my birthday, and as always, I sleep later than he does, he kissed me goodbye his morning and wished me a Happy Birthday. When I finally got up I wandered into the kitchen to find this..........

Not only had he made me a cake, he'd done it without me even knowing about it, and had hand cut a stencil to write Happy Birthday Mel on top of the cake in icing sugar. He's so sweet. I am truly so blessed to have him in my life. Without a doubt.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!



September 06, 2008


This is what I was doing one year ago!!! Aaaahhh the memories.........



September 05, 2008

Aussie Dares........

So my other exciting news is that I earned a position as a part of the creative team over at Aussie Dares. Don't for get to stop by and check out the challenges each month and maybe even have a go yourself sometime!

Have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend.



September 04, 2008

Some exciting News, and a funny story..........

Ok, lets start with the exciting news!!!! I was woken this morning to the phone ringing (for those that know me it was still only 8:58 am, not to late yet!!!!) I answered and was greeted by Cassie from Scrapbooking Memories letting me know that I had made Top 50 for Masters this year!!! I held it together while I was on the phone, but the second I hung up, I literally fell out of bed in my rush to run around and whoo at the top of my voice!!

Cut to like only 30 sec later, I have txt'd my friend Jen to share the exciting news, at the same time, I am arching up the puter to log onto SBM forum, and let me tell you it was probably only 1min time lapses, but baby it wouldn't open fast enough!!!

As you can tell I am excited, just a little too much really, but it is party day!!!!! 

So to my funny story.........well sort of anyway! I had to leave all this excitement and go have a haircut, and I thought while I was at the shops, would take a dress I have with me, and try to find some flabby girl scaffolding to wear under neath to make my shape at least a little bit less lump!! Right........

So I go into bras and things........The lovely little shop girl, asks if I need help, told her the scaffolding joke...she didn't get it.......She points me in the direction of some wetsuit looking contraptions, and explains what they do. She asks 'what size would you be", I'm a little flattered, cos I'm really I'm no super model! I say probably an 18..........'hmmmm I don't think they go any larger than a 16' she says. Try them and see how you go, so I take them into the change room, wriggle and writhe my way into them, feeling the blood drain out of my legs as they are so tight round the leg..........let me see, yes they do what they say they do, flat tummy, no muffin top, turn side ways and..........OMG, they have worked at the front, only to create a bulge at the back that wasn't there when I left for the shops!!! What the?????

Needless to say I have come home with nothing and feeling very demoralised, I might just have to comfort myself with some potato gems and sour cream.......

It's not all bad though, went whizzing around a few shops, and bought a few tops and pants that look great! So really, was a fantastic day, as I hardly ever find more than one thing I like that fits at a time....

have a great day!!

Oh come back tomorrow for some more exciting news!!