September 13, 2008

Here it is.....

Sorry girls, I have been at work all day, so here is a picture of my birthday present to myself. I bought myself a snowflake pendant from Tiffany's. I just love it and it is so me. I have been sporting around my neck for two days now, along with my snowflake earrings. (can you see a pattern forming???) I so live in the wrong country!!!! hehe

Anyhoo, have a fantastic weekend, have many birthday events to go to this weekend, so have a lovely time, I will, see you all soon!




Edleen said...

Happy Birthday!!! what a pretty pendant :)

carmen said...

Happy belated Birthday. The pendant is quite stylish. Tiffany designs everything so timeless and appealing to most peoples taste.
Take care

Megan B said...

Happy Birthday Mel-Belle, so sorry I didn't know it was around the corner. Hope you had a wonderful day, and that the joy lasts all year for you, beautiful lady!!!

Megan (Even bigger XXX's and OOO's)

Shirley Fyfe said...

Happy belated birthday! What a gorgeous little pendant too!


Sam Marshall said...

Happy Birthday and I love your beautiful pendant!!! It was so lovely to see you the other day.