April 30, 2007

Baby Seth Nathaniel.

So, even with a head full of cotton wool, I managed to finish this layout last night. Im a bit excited as it's my first layout of my besties baby boy, and also, I did it for the add some sparkle challenge on Aussie dares. I used glitter on a boy's layout, im pretty impressed. I think you can get away with a few things like that when they are only six months old. Have a great day.

April 29, 2007

mirror, mirror, on the wall........

my layout for week 8 of the beyond the blue challenge. we had to do a page on who or what we saw when we look in the mirror. i went the angle of the negative thoughts and self image most of us have about our selves when we look in the mirror. short and not so sweet post for this one.

I am in Hangover Town.........

so last night I went to the birthday party of a much younger work mate, and know i am in a frightful state. my friend from work, nicole, had her 20th birthday at the ruby room. this might sound like an exciting prospect, and it was last night, but today i just want to die. it is curently 4pm in the arfternoon, and i am only just now able to sit up, i've had a cup of tea but that is about it. let me take you back to aprrox 6pm yesterday evening.

6pm, straightning my hair and doing the make up thing.
7pm, quick bit of dinner ( to try and help eleviate the problem I am currently suffering from)
7:30pm, quick start up drink, and decision on the right shoes to wear. (flats to boogie the night away, or kitten heels that just look fabulous with my outfit)
8pm, get dropped off at the cassino and join the largest queue I have ever seen (the club doors have not even opened yet)
10:02pm, finally get in the door of the club ( told you it was the biggest queue ever)
10:15pm - 2am, drink, dance and have a wonderful time.( showed the kids a move or two)
3am, dribble out of a taxi and into bed.
8am sunday, am as sick as a dog.

why are hangovers worse at 30 than they are at 20? note to self, next time don't drink so much, you just can't handle it any more.

Dispite this I looked fabulous last night, even if I do say so my self. But get this, the pathalogical picture taker forgot to get a snap before she walked out the door. was i just too excited? i do not know but i have no evidence of my outfit or the best job i ever did with my hair.

April 22, 2007

Card for my G'ma...

My G'ma turned 81 this week, go G'ma, what a women. I made this card for her, which she loved by the way. She rang me, she told me so, not just hear say from my biased self. I think it must be one of my more simple cards, but it's pretty effective. Complete with signiture flower and bling (I have to add both these things to just about everything at the moment). I missed the Birthday bash as I have been sick with a cold this week, and that is the last thing I would want to give her. We had a long talk on the phone this afternoon, and she was so excited to tell me that her rose bush bloomed on her birthday. That's pretty nice you all say, but what is even better is, it is the rose bush that my G'pa's ashes are around, and so far it has only given blooms on mothers day and now my G'ma's birthday. She's so happy that G'pa is around her at the moment. So, she scored with presents, got a huge box of chocolates, massive bunches of flowers, and a limo ride to see the all male review of Swan Lake. She's a lucky little chicky, and soooo excited about going to the ballet. She told me a couple of years ago she went once in England when she was on leave from hospital duties during the war (she was a nurse) and how much she loved it. So for her birthday last year I took her to see Red Shoes, so I think it's going to be a little bit of a birthday tradition from now on. Party on G'ma and may you dream of ballerina's.


If I could turn back time...........

Can't you just hear Cher in your head? I have had it there all week you know, just about to go crazy from it. So this is week seven of my Beyond the Blue challenge, "If I could turn back time?". I sorta change it slightly to If I went back, cos I just couldn't have Cher right there in my scrapbook for all eternity. It just wasn't going to happen. Any hoo, the only thing I think I woud change if I could, would be to be more focused and choose what I wanted to do with my life and go after it much sooner. This is what I think, but I guess it is all subjective isn't it. I mean I was sooo into Art at school, all I wanted to be was an art teacher, and guess who talked me out of doing that?, yup my very own art teacher. I dropped all my art classes and then my studies went rapidly down hill from there. It wasn't till I was 20 that I decided that I was going to do it. I enrolled to do my TEE and went to uni the year after to do my Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts. To my surprise who happened to be in my class at the time?, my high school art teachers daughter, talk about karma will ya. I didnt do my Teaching Degree after , and have decided to just create, not teach. I have started teaching classes at Scraptivate, which I love and is the only kinda teaching I think I will ever do, not the institutional kind. Well, so I'm now on the path I should have always been on, just wish it had started a little sooner maybe, but I guess the turtle did win the race didn't he.

So, my cousin is 21.............

.......and she is beautiful! Katie had her bash last week with a group of seriously cool mates, family members and family friends who have know her forever. It has great, took me right back to my hayday of going out on the town, dancing all night and having a blast. Katie had a mexican theme, so lots of Tequilla, burittos, tacos, nacho's etc. Huge pinata's to have a wack at, and the tallest custard pufff cake this side of texas. Happy 21st Birthday little Katie.

April 12, 2007

Dont be afraid.

I think this is a reminder to us all, Dont be afraid to say what you want, or it might be tooo late. Well this is my week six page for Beynd the Blue challange. I love the bird. I really just cant get enough of birds at the moment. I dont know what it is, or why, but I want to just put them on everything. Well have fun anyway.

April 07, 2007

Huge week of scrapping.

Well here's my week five page for the Beyond the Blue challenge. I have to say, Im most proud of my self, I have done five out of five so far, all finished on time. For my close friends, they know that some times Im a little appatheic might we say. Jillian calls me last minuet Melissa, so that has got to spell it out. Hope every one has a safe and fun Easter break, dont eat tooo much chocolate now.