October 05, 2007

Moraki Boulders............

These things were so cool. When we heard about them, we thought they must have been created by the sea washing over them, but once we got there we completely stunned to find out that they had formed as boulders in the earth millions of years ago, and lay in the cliffs for just about ever, and it was the eventual errossion of the cliff that set them free. The ocean washes away the clay and mud around them and then the boulders just roll out into the beach. There are other examples of these around the world, but apparently these are the most spherical of them all. It was stunning seeing them all scattered on the beach like discarded toys. so, so beautiful, and really very fun also.



Lake Tekapo......

Just a few more pic of Lake Tekapo. It was such a small place, but so beautiful. We only stayed over night, so not too many zany stories. I was how ever so in awe of the YHA cat, who just got out there in the morning, playing in the snow. I wonder if his toes were cold, but it didn't seem to bother him.