August 31, 2011

eye candy catch-up.........

Just catching up on the work i haven't shown you all this year so far. xxxxx

August 30, 2011

The times they are are a changing.........

So there is something in the air about change, and big changes this year isnt there? or is it just me?

I have had a job change, changed scrap store DT teams, we are sub dividing our block, we got a new kitten, i had my hair cut off, i am in the middle of a massive de-stash in my craft room.

Both my Brother and Sister in-law have split with their long time partners.

What elese will be changing soon? who knows.

So as you all know i have been working full time since February this year, and have been struggling with all my extra curricular activites for sometime now. There just isnt enough time in the day, and i just can not stay awake longer than i am hahahahaha.......................................... so i have had to drop a few of my commitments.

Very sadly i have had to resign from my position on the Twiddleybitz Design Team. I have loved being apart of the team and had such great adventures with them over the last year or so. Please continue to follow them and there great product. You can join their ning site and be apart of the fun there, plus show everyone what you have made using their product.
Ning Site.

This is a Laout i have recently done using there new Baby themed chippy bits. Its such a wonderful line.

Also I have recently made these cards using the coffe cups from the Angie Delaire range of products. Her paper embellishments are so bright and fun to use. These are one of my favorite designs.

The challenge for September is to you the Baby onsie embellishments whichan be found here and ribbon to create something. Check back here to see what i create and you can also see the work of the rest of the DT at the site.

I have been teaching classe at Tomorrows Memorie's for a good few months now, and im just loving my time there. There are some very very exciting classes coming up so pop over to the website to have a look at the calendar and the samples. Just gorgeous work to come and make.



August 05, 2011


so i think lot of you know Ali Edwards and her one little word concept right? i have chosen a word probably every year only to forget it within a week or so. this year was, is, different. i chose myself a word. i photographed that word, i thought about that word, and how it related to me in the world, and how i related to it. my word re-define has been lingering in my head and around my being all year. i think this could be it.

i'm tired, im restless, im drained, im feeling very very stale and just can't seem to pull myself out of this creative rut i'm in. i am creating, don't get me wrong. you all see the work i produce on a fairly regular basis, but it just isn't doing it for me anymore like it used to. am i in a creative groove that i can't get out of? am i just stale? am i trying to find meaning in something that doesn't really need any. i feel like i haven't created just for the sheer joy of it in sometime. not that i don't have fun doing what i'm doing, but i just don't get that high, that buzz that makes you work through the night to meet deadlines that are nigh on impossible to make anymore. am i just growing old and the stamina i once had is eluding me? is the lure of a warm comfy bed just far to tempting during winter? is it just sheer laziness? i'm not sure of any of these answers. and i'm really not sure what to do about it. i feel like running away to a whole other country, to experience something new again something that might spark that passion, that love, that excitement in my soul again.

Do i need to just stop. breathe, let the sun shine on my face, although that would be pretty hard right now. do i need to think back to how i used to play creatively, even without producing anything, just to play, to make marks, to play with colour, to see again? do i need to re-define?

how i create, why i create, re-define the reason i create? or re-define my creating to meet my reason?

is it just that old adage of the creative person struggling with who they want to be against who they have to be in this world?

i do think it's time. time to re-define all of it really.

wish me luck.