May 31, 2007

Brother, can't keep a promise........

I didn't blog yesterday!!!!!! But I do have that picture of the little project I did at my kids class on tuesday, it's the name tag with the little kitten on it. The kids thought it was pretty cool. The bird is a little brooch that I made this morning with the new Jeni Bowlin felt shapes, it's so cute. I will have to make some more to give as gifts I think. I'd be a happy girl if some one gave one to me. I had a nice day yesterday, even though I didn't blog. I finished a few projects off and then went to the movies on my way to work. I saw Georgia Rule. It was great I really liked it. You might think that a movie with Lyndsey Lohan might be a bit of a flake but it was a really good story with great acting. Lyndsey herself is incredibly beautiful. Im just a little tinsy bit jealous of course, Im mean who wouldn't like to look like that? Thats all for today.



May 29, 2007

Im a lazy blogger........

it's been over a week since I last pposted, bad me, bad me. I have been a little busy, but really most of it has been apathy. I have been just to lazy to blog. thats awful of me i know, but im back now with much to up date. the images are the last two weeks of the beyond the blue challenge. it's over now and im going to miss doing it every week, but i will have more time to get my design team stuff for the store done, which will make both myself and natalie my boss very happy. i have had a few classes over the last week which have gone very well, and saturday's class even finished on time. yay for us. I have to show you the cute little name tags my kids from my tuesday kids class did. sooooooo cute, but i have to get a pic first. any way will blog more soon and will be back asap with that name tag picture.



May 21, 2007

What a weekend........

busy, busy, wet, and busy. I had a great time, never relized how much I missed being a part of the whole scouting thing. I was a scout my self, well a venturere and a rover from age 14 to 27, and have had the last 4 years out. I do miss it. Anyway, great weekend, 22 of us went away and dipite the weather, which really wasnt all that bad, we all did good work and had some fun along the way. We were on the ferry at 6:30 am and got to the island arounf 7:30. As we had to carry all our own gear we didnt have to wait at the other end for luggage and once we had hiked to tent land, it was still only 8am-ish. We set uo camp, tents etc, and headed to the famous Rotto bakery for a little morning tea and a bit of free time for the scout to do their own thing. Got to see a tonne of quakka's about the main settlement, they are so cute. At 12pm we were assigned our spacific area to for the rubbish collection and spent the next 4 hours picking up and bagging rubbish. The scout did a fantatic job, they collected a huge amount of rubbish. So with 500 scout from perth on the island to collect rubbish we must have just about cleaned the entire island. It is such a fantastic programme.

The eveing brought, red rooster for dinner, which the scouts always love( not our normal fair, but the island prohibits fires and gass cylinders, so cooking is problematic, hence the takeaway). A spot of fishing for herring after dinner. We were all happily fishing when the sky's opened and a waterfall of water came down. I was running along the jetty, collecting kids and bags and fishing gear as i went but on arrival to shelter, all, I mean all of us were completely drench. The kids were cool, most had a change of clothes, but I had forfitted and spare jacket, pants and beanie for the comfort of a blanket for the night, so Ihad to wait to dry out. It was a bit cold, but we dired off eventually, all hepled with a night hike to a small lighthouse on the island and a game of foxholes.

Quite the storm blow over night, but all tents came out the otherside undisturbed and no one got wet in their tents, so a good night all in all.

Sunday, brought a hasty breakfast and a trip and tour of the main light house on the island. Wadjemup lighthouse stands at 39 metres tall with amazing views of the island. It's a little different to most as it stands in the centre of the island instead of on the shore, but what an amazing building. Every one climbed the lighthouse except my self who is deftly afraid of heights. I tried, but even the metal spiral staircase in side was to much for me. What a chicken. Anyway the scouts all had an amazing time, and Lawley took a photo of the view of me to see.

The afternoon was spent fishing with many, many fish caught, all kissed and thrown back in. I myself caught two. I have to say, I love fishing. I must go more often.

What a weekend. soooo good.


May 15, 2007

Im sailing away......... Rottnest. Yeah a weekend away on an island. Sounds good huh, well Im going with 25 kids to do Rotto Invasion. It's a ctually very cool, scout groups go to to Rotto for the weekend and a spent a portion of their time picking up rubbish, to help keep Australia beautiful. I used to go when I was in venturers some 15 years ago, so It's nice that it has come full circle and I get to take some new kids to do the same thing. The picture above was from last year, so I can't wait to see if I can get some more fab pics. Hopefully, fingers crossed I will have my new camera by then and I will definatly get some great pics. Rotto's very unique in that there is no public traffic. You have to ride your bike or walk everywhere. It's great really, you get see a lot and don't miss anything much. Just hope it's not raining! I can handle the cold, just can't handle being wet.


May 12, 2007


I have had a great, and some what giant day. I spent the best part of the day completing this layout for week ten of the beyond the blue challenge (only two weeks to go), I had my first offical work at Scraptivate, yay for me. and also I have been given two design team projects to do. What a day, does it get any better than that? I've a card class tomorow, which Im always excited about, as I have a great bunch of people who come along. ( i say people, as although they are all female, I have a mix of adult and of almost teen students) This weeks offering is a bit of a different one for me. Not my typical bright anf funky, but it is my take on the distressed, shabby chic thing. stil fairly bold, as that turquoise/blue can't be missed amongst that brown. I am really happy with actually, something new. Any hoo, must get abit of slepp before another exciting day tomorrow. If I don't get back before, I want to wish all the mother's out there a very Happy Mother's Day!



May 09, 2007

Kitty love............

to say I love my cat is an understatement. I mean not in a gross sick, need to go see someone about it kinda way, just that she is really the child in the house, our furry baby if you will. I just had a flash of brilliance the other day, when I purchased some white german scrap wings from the store, I remember taking these photos of my kassie last year and thought why not. And Im glad I did as Im so excited about how it turned out and shock horror, I did it in a couple of hours again. I don't know if my scrappin mojo is just back with vengence after a couple of weeks away, or if it's the cold I have that is making me fret less about what Im doing on the pages, but I just seem to be going for it and I like it alot. Maybe that time limit thing wont be so bad for me. Anyhoo, gotta go create the next set of cards for my class at scraptivate. Be well.



May 07, 2007

10 years, wow..........

this is a page from a circle journal i am involved in. i just wanted to post as, yes, my partner lawley and i are celebrating our tenth year together (albiet very low key) and im a little bit proud of that fact. it was 10 years at the easter weekend. it's amazing how fast it seems, but then at the same time it feels like forever. nice feeling really. anyways, heres to the next ten........

May 05, 2007

What an effort................

for only two hours work. Some of you might go, well that's a long time really. No, I'm one of those people that pours over my pages for days. This weeks challenge for beyond the blue, was to tell our fears. I had to go with something a little light hearted this weeks, as not only am I sick (bad cold) but the last couple of weeks have been quite deep and I needed to have some fun with this one. I have to say I am super excited about the results, I think it's fast becoming my fave. I have been a bit off on my scrapping the last week, lost my mojo, you know. But after this fine example of my skill, I think she's back. So seeing as today was a great day, I hope you all had a fun filled day with poeple you love and the like. Happy Saturday. Oh before I go, I had another Scrapping superstar moment today!.........Maxine Hazebroek was in Scraptivate today. How exciting, and get this, she told me me she liked the cards I have on display for the next set of classes I have. Even more exciting. I told you I get starstruck, and of course I had to tell you all.


Baby Bump.......

Just wanted to post a few more pictures of the divine miss Em, and her baby bump. Im not quite sure how far along she is.

May 04, 2007

The divine Miss Em..........

so last night i had the fortune to attend a class with emily falconbridge herself. it was a fanttsatic night (i was a little star struck myself, and not my usual bubbly self, might also have something to do with the cold i currently have). the little project that we did was a mini album about ourselfs full of "i am" statements, but I have a little more work on mine to go before it is finished, so when i have completed it i will post a pic then. the album is made of all the autumn leaves paprs that haven't even made it to australia yet, so i think we all felt a lttle special. on top of this emily was so excited about being home, that she surprised us all with a set of autumn leaves stamps. it was just like being on oprah!! Ater the mini album was constructed we, being myself, tania davies (chiilibits) and anne marie cox (binxcat1) took the oppotunity to have out photo taken with emily. i was a bit cheeky and asked if she would like to contribute to my week 16 challenge card, and she was so nice about it and wrote me a little message. yay for me , feeling a little special, considering i feel so sick with this cold. any hoo, just wanted to post the pics for all to see. it was great, i do love meeting people like that, even if i do get a little starstruck and cant speak coherently.