May 29, 2007

Im a lazy blogger........

it's been over a week since I last pposted, bad me, bad me. I have been a little busy, but really most of it has been apathy. I have been just to lazy to blog. thats awful of me i know, but im back now with much to up date. the images are the last two weeks of the beyond the blue challenge. it's over now and im going to miss doing it every week, but i will have more time to get my design team stuff for the store done, which will make both myself and natalie my boss very happy. i have had a few classes over the last week which have gone very well, and saturday's class even finished on time. yay for us. I have to show you the cute little name tags my kids from my tuesday kids class did. sooooooo cute, but i have to get a pic first. any way will blog more soon and will be back asap with that name tag picture.



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Melissa said...

I have loved seeing your work each and every week at embellished Mel...Always stunning and refreshingly different!