May 05, 2007

What an effort................

for only two hours work. Some of you might go, well that's a long time really. No, I'm one of those people that pours over my pages for days. This weeks challenge for beyond the blue, was to tell our fears. I had to go with something a little light hearted this weeks, as not only am I sick (bad cold) but the last couple of weeks have been quite deep and I needed to have some fun with this one. I have to say I am super excited about the results, I think it's fast becoming my fave. I have been a bit off on my scrapping the last week, lost my mojo, you know. But after this fine example of my skill, I think she's back. So seeing as today was a great day, I hope you all had a fun filled day with poeple you love and the like. Happy Saturday. Oh before I go, I had another Scrapping superstar moment today!.........Maxine Hazebroek was in Scraptivate today. How exciting, and get this, she told me me she liked the cards I have on display for the next set of classes I have. Even more exciting. I told you I get starstruck, and of course I had to tell you all.


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Anonymous said...

You're too funny Mel, starstuck?? Now if Robbie comes in to the store .... oh, I forgot, he's not really your thing is he? Well, I'll be the one starstruck then!