January 30, 2009

Shutter blog....

So I was apart of a group of people who carried out a 52 week photo challenge last year. I had so much fun doing this that I wanted to do it again. So a small group of friends and I have started out this year again with a cool new photo blog called Shutter. Stop by sometime and see what we are up to. We also have a play along challenge that is open to anyone. So come on over and have a look see, and maybe if the mood so strikes you, take a great photo yourself and send it in to play along with us.


January 26, 2009

I forgot to show you......

It dawned on me yesterday that in the craziness that was the end of 2008, I forgot to post pictures of my Masters 2009 entries for you to see. I am pretty proud of the work I did, I have to say, I feel it was some of the best I did all year! Let me know what you think?



My Keepsake: a tribute to my gardening grandfather.

Single LO of my baby Kassie.

My 2009 calendar: filled with photo's of very special moments from my 2008.

And my double LO: a tribute the amazing man in my life.

January 08, 2009

Heidi Swapp ........ need I say more?.......

What can I say really??? What a great day I had! Cool projects, fun company, and Heidi in the house to boot!!!! She is so cute, and so tiny, and so sweet, and just so nice. What a trooper, she stood and had pictures taken with anyone who wanted to (which was just about everyone in the place), I know a few of my friends give me a bit of stick for loving the Heidi Swapp products so much, but honestly, i am even more of a groupie now after having meet her. What a truly stunning person she is. Human, full of emotion, she was sick on the day with a cold, but still a shiny stunning person. Thanks also to Sonja for the great company on the day!!! Perth represented at the Melbourne installment, we even put in our request for an event like this to be held in Perth!!!! (fingers crossed ladies). I shall post a pic of my projects, once I have finished them, had to wait a little while for them to arrive home, my suitcase was so heavy from the Heidi day and all the other Melbourne shopping I did, that I had to post my stuff home, now I have to sit down and complete them. I don't know if you will notice (well you will now I told you), I am pulling a bit of a silly face in my picture with Heidi.....I always do this, I had a dumb look on my face also when I had my photo taken with Emily Falconbridge last year also???? What the......I just get o nervous. Not sure why, they are really nice, what's to be nervous of? It's truly a Melissa moment! hehe.........


Not great light, but you get the idea!

Mel and Sonja - Perth Contingent!

She's so tiny.....

January 07, 2009

Warning!!!!...seriously long holiday post.......

So here's a bunch of photos from my recent trip to Melbourne. Can I say, we had a fantastic time while we were there. It's taken me a little while to feel like posting anything, or doing anything really as I have had a strange fog about me since my Kassie died, but I seem to be coming out the other side and wanted to share some of these with you. Come back tomorrow for my Heidi Swapp photos and stories, that's the reason we went across really, for me to attend the Heidi day in Melbourne. Also, stop by on Saturday for the Melbourne food tour installment of our trip. We love food, and we went to some amazing places to eat while we were there. I hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe Christmas/New Year holiday period?..... look forward to visiting your blogs to see how you all celebrated.

I was just feeling pretty cute this day, thought I'd take a pic to remind myself of this day.

Random hotel photo shot, was channelling Heidi on this day, those who went will know what I mean.

Shadow Portrait on ACDC lane.

St Kilda Pier.

Could he look any grumpier to be at Luna Park??? he wasn't really, he just forgot to smile...

Our tram to St Kilda above, and us waiting for it below.

The Twelve Apostles.... what can a I say, the most amazing and stunning place and thing I have seen in Australia thus far!!! We had terrible weather the two days we were travelling the Great Ocean road. It did dampen (hehe) our spirits in any way, the place is breath taking!! I can just imaging how much more stunning it is in good weather. The twelve Apostles was funny, we had near on 200km winds buffeting us, I had to hold my hat on, and but the time we got back to the car, I was soaked. Funny story here, I just though December in Australia really would get that cold, so I took one small cardi with me, man was I silly, it was cold and raining 80% of the time we were there. Oh well, I'll know for next time.

So much fog on the road to the Apostles, we thought we might not be able to se them at all.

Big storm over night, trees down on the Great Ocean Road....

Our view of Apollo Bay from our YHA......?? Where's the ocean again?

If your ever in Apollo Bay and need somewhere to stay, try the Eco Beach YHA, the best YHA I have ever stayed at.

Although it rained non stop, it didn't take away the amazing views

The Great Ocean Road.

The around the twist Lighthouse. 

Stunning ocean views from everywhere we stopped.

David Jones Christmas window display.... I think there was about 6 windows full of amazing little scenes, I just particularly liked the teddy bear conveyor belt.

Skilled Stadium. Now we are Dockers fans, but we stopped for a friend.

View of Melbourne from the War Memorial.

Melbourne Botanic Gardens. So, so beautiful....

Cool bridge, I forget what's it was called. It's in the Docklands.

A bit of Park Sculpture.

The shot tower..... this is amazing. I visited Melbourne for a weekend when I was 18, and this is the only thing I really remember. 

So much cool Graffiti art....

Lawley looking at Melbourne from 73 storeys up.

Giant Bee Sculpture on the buildings..... so cute.

The mighty Yarra River....

Cute little bids inside McDonalds. We stopped for a toilet break, and was so taken with these friendly little guys.

First day in Melbourne, first great Chai in Melbourne, Mel looking not so hot after not sleeping for nearly 30 hours.

Mel xxx