January 26, 2009

I forgot to show you......

It dawned on me yesterday that in the craziness that was the end of 2008, I forgot to post pictures of my Masters 2009 entries for you to see. I am pretty proud of the work I did, I have to say, I feel it was some of the best I did all year! Let me know what you think?



My Keepsake: a tribute to my gardening grandfather.

Single LO of my baby Kassie.

My 2009 calendar: filled with photo's of very special moments from my 2008.

And my double LO: a tribute the amazing man in my life.


Melissa said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!These are completely amazing...your style is divine! You are one of my all time favourite scrappers!***gush***(I know!)

Bibi said...

Hi Mel - I can't believe you didn't win because I love your work! I actually like it better than some of the people that DID win! I love the calendar in particular :) Bibi

Jenny said...

You were Robbed I tell ya !!!

And In real life they are even more amazing!


Luv J xxx

Nicole said...

Gosh girl join the unpublished club. That's so wrong that you never even got a HM.



Mischief Maker said...

Hi Mel, Love your creations. They are as gorgeous as ever. What was the competition you went in?

chrisw said...

Oh just magic Mel..love the double layout!

Nikki said...

How did you not win!!! Mel, your work is stunning, I've looked at the winning entries and you should have DEFINITELY been one of them!

See you at the shop soon!

byclops said...

Ditto to all the other girls Mel...your pieces were beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning Mel!I love the vibrancy of your single layout & calendar and the richness of your double & keepsake.
Truly amazing, you must be so proud of yourself, well done!

SkyeMJ said...

Amazing work hun - I always love seeing new work from you!

You are an amazing artist!

That tree quote is just stunning - might have to steal it and pop it in my book for a rainy day!