January 28, 2008

A flurry of pink and grey...........

So i was sitting at my computer the other morning, when I hear this amazing racket going on out side, I turned and look to my front yard and more than a dozen pink and grey gallah's landed on my front lawn. There was 17 of the to be exact, I grabbed my camera and headed for my porch. They were amazing, working there way from one side of my lawn to the other eating all the dandelion heads ( for once I felt thankful for my lazy gardening skills!! hehe). Not one of them even flinched as I took photo's of them having fun. It was amazing, and gave me a nice warm glow for the rest of the day. It's amazing the things you can see in your own front yard!!!



January 17, 2008

January 15, 2008

Poppet Mel..........!!!!

Don't you just love the Claudine Helmuth style poppets? Well I recently did this canvas and am completely in love with the whole process! Im running this as a kids class at Scraptivate at the moment, but will also be doing an Adult "family" poppet canvas very soon. If your interested call the shop on 9444-6626 and come along and have this much fun with us!!

January 03, 2008

One last look.........

I had to take one last photo of my tree before I have to pack it away for another year. It's always a little bit sad when you have to put all those lovely things away. It feels a little like the wonder and possibility that could be is packed away and you can't have it again for 11 months. It's been a fabulous festive period though, enjoyed myself greatly this year.



January 02, 2008

Last Sunset of 2007........

So Lawley and I decided to have a fish and chip picnic at the beach on New years eve. It was great, the wind in our hair, fabulous sunset, and it was really very cool, compared to the scorching days we have had here this last week.

What a fantastic night, we are not much into the big night out, so a picnic at the beach and then off to Kings Park to watch the fire works was a so perfect for us!!