March 31, 2007

Beyond Blue Challenge : week 4

Here it is, Im am truely loving this challenge. Every week we are asked to soul search and I think its been wonderful to delve into places we would ordinarily leave in the past. This week was a life changing, or life defining moment or event. I decided to do mine abot the absence of a father in my life, but how for me this turned out to be an amazingly positive thing. Any hoo, Im off to the country for the weekend. My intire family is off to visit distant relatives. It should be very interesting. My poor brother thogh, he will be stuck with a gaggle of women all weekend. My immediate family is made up of almost entirely women. We are a family of women. My grandparents had four girls, no boys at all, and then most of my aunts have had girls, with the exception of two, my mother and aunt Beth. So two lonley sons, whom unfortunatly are seperated by age also. My brother bieng closer to 30, and oour cousin John only 17. Have a great weekend.


March 30, 2007

Just a quick Picture.

Just wanted to show off my favorite photo from last weekends scout camp. Me and Lawely walking along the beach.

March 23, 2007

Week three of the BB Challenge.

Well this is my take on week three of the Beyond Blue challenge. I must say I am totally loving this. Really only going to be a short post tonight. I have to pack, as I am going on a scout camp this weekend. So it would seem it will be a scrapless weekend for me. I am how ever going to another Kellsey ATC class tomorrow, so that will tide me over till Monday. Have a fun weekend everyone.


March 20, 2007

Huge Weekend

Well it's tuesday and I am only just being able to tell you all about my weekend. It was huge and exciting and slightly exhausting all at the same time. I finished full time work on friday and have has several new trainee's to teach, so already being tired from a hauge week of training I as usual stayed up super late thursday night and friday night to finish and complete my weekly challenge for the Beyond Blue challange at Embellished. My page even impressed me, I thought at the start I wasn't going to get it to work but work it has. It a great page even if I do say so myself. ; )
Then Saturday I had my very first class at Scraptivate. I was so nervous and to make thing worse it was a very hot and sticky day. I get sweaty hands when I am nervous and when your papercrafting, that spells trouble. Anyway, once my class was underway, my nerves disapeared and I was cruising along. I had a great time, I love it in fact. I also had my very second class on Sunday!
I can't believe how totally exhausted I was was this great weekend. Maybe all the excitment and nervousness wore me out.

I have posted some pics of my Beyong Blue pages. Let me know what you think.

Oh I have to send a shout out to a friend who's B'day was yesterday. Happy Birthday Simon.

March 11, 2007

Emily Falconbridge Challenge!

I am happy to say I have finally made a start. Im a few weeks behind, but I had a great day yesterday with my friend Jillian, and was inpsired to keep on working. Jill and I have days where we get together and play (thats what I call it anyway). Not a lot of productive work usually comes out of these days, but we always have a fab time. Yesterday we spent a lot of time playing with my new Cuttlebug machine!!! I have to say, I LOVE CUTTLEBUG. Completely obsessed. I have been playing with it today, running metal tape through it in the embossing files, and it work's so spectacularly. I haven't finished making my ACT's with this as yet but will post pics when I have. Until then enjoy my newest creations. If you haven't started Emily's challenge, it's not to late. Give it a go, it's been fun so far.


March 09, 2007

Beyond Blue Challenge

This is my latest for the Beyond the Blue Challenge that I am participating in. Pretty proud. Let me know what you think. I just adore the pet shop paper with the cutest little birds on it. The challenge was to create a page about what was over the horizon for us. I went the not so literal route (as I do), and talked about the fact that I always try. Try to make my dreams come true, true to do the things I love, try to make and reach goals, no matter how unrealistic others may think they are. I can say in ten years with out a doubt that I gave it a try, whether I made it or not.

March 05, 2007

Well I've finally done it!

I have been saying for some time know that I need a blog, and well I've finally done it. Not a huge step for mankind, but none the less a rather large undertaking for myself. Im quite proud of myself really. Maybe I should intro myself. Well Im Mel, as simple as that really. I have really started this blog to showcase some of my work, both Fine Art and Creative Papercraft, so you'll definatley see a lot of pictures of my work from time to time. Now I have to go play with all the gadgets and work out how to make my blog really pretty.