March 20, 2007

Huge Weekend

Well it's tuesday and I am only just being able to tell you all about my weekend. It was huge and exciting and slightly exhausting all at the same time. I finished full time work on friday and have has several new trainee's to teach, so already being tired from a hauge week of training I as usual stayed up super late thursday night and friday night to finish and complete my weekly challenge for the Beyond Blue challange at Embellished. My page even impressed me, I thought at the start I wasn't going to get it to work but work it has. It a great page even if I do say so myself. ; )
Then Saturday I had my very first class at Scraptivate. I was so nervous and to make thing worse it was a very hot and sticky day. I get sweaty hands when I am nervous and when your papercrafting, that spells trouble. Anyway, once my class was underway, my nerves disapeared and I was cruising along. I had a great time, I love it in fact. I also had my very second class on Sunday!
I can't believe how totally exhausted I was was this great weekend. Maybe all the excitment and nervousness wore me out.

I have posted some pics of my Beyong Blue pages. Let me know what you think.

Oh I have to send a shout out to a friend who's B'day was yesterday. Happy Birthday Simon.

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