March 31, 2007

Beyond Blue Challenge : week 4

Here it is, Im am truely loving this challenge. Every week we are asked to soul search and I think its been wonderful to delve into places we would ordinarily leave in the past. This week was a life changing, or life defining moment or event. I decided to do mine abot the absence of a father in my life, but how for me this turned out to be an amazingly positive thing. Any hoo, Im off to the country for the weekend. My intire family is off to visit distant relatives. It should be very interesting. My poor brother thogh, he will be stuck with a gaggle of women all weekend. My immediate family is made up of almost entirely women. We are a family of women. My grandparents had four girls, no boys at all, and then most of my aunts have had girls, with the exception of two, my mother and aunt Beth. So two lonley sons, whom unfortunatly are seperated by age also. My brother bieng closer to 30, and oour cousin John only 17. Have a great weekend.


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memoryfairy said...

Love this Lissy. have a great weekend!