March 11, 2007

Emily Falconbridge Challenge!

I am happy to say I have finally made a start. Im a few weeks behind, but I had a great day yesterday with my friend Jillian, and was inpsired to keep on working. Jill and I have days where we get together and play (thats what I call it anyway). Not a lot of productive work usually comes out of these days, but we always have a fab time. Yesterday we spent a lot of time playing with my new Cuttlebug machine!!! I have to say, I LOVE CUTTLEBUG. Completely obsessed. I have been playing with it today, running metal tape through it in the embossing files, and it work's so spectacularly. I haven't finished making my ACT's with this as yet but will post pics when I have. Until then enjoy my newest creations. If you haven't started Emily's challenge, it's not to late. Give it a go, it's been fun so far.


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Curtis said...

Hey Missy Moo the ACT's turned out great, I love all the stories its like being with you. TA