March 05, 2007

Well I've finally done it!

I have been saying for some time know that I need a blog, and well I've finally done it. Not a huge step for mankind, but none the less a rather large undertaking for myself. Im quite proud of myself really. Maybe I should intro myself. Well Im Mel, as simple as that really. I have really started this blog to showcase some of my work, both Fine Art and Creative Papercraft, so you'll definatley see a lot of pictures of my work from time to time. Now I have to go play with all the gadgets and work out how to make my blog really pretty.





Scraptivate said...

Yay - Mel has a blog!!!
Can't wait to see some of your work showcased here Mel, I'll be adding a link to my blog (but not tonight cos I REALLY need to get to bed!!)

Nichole Westin & Peta Galloway said...

goddy goody gum drops. go you!
I will link you up to my blog also...when I figure out how to do that!!