May 09, 2007

Kitty love............

to say I love my cat is an understatement. I mean not in a gross sick, need to go see someone about it kinda way, just that she is really the child in the house, our furry baby if you will. I just had a flash of brilliance the other day, when I purchased some white german scrap wings from the store, I remember taking these photos of my kassie last year and thought why not. And Im glad I did as Im so excited about how it turned out and shock horror, I did it in a couple of hours again. I don't know if my scrappin mojo is just back with vengence after a couple of weeks away, or if it's the cold I have that is making me fret less about what Im doing on the pages, but I just seem to be going for it and I like it alot. Maybe that time limit thing wont be so bad for me. Anyhoo, gotta go create the next set of cards for my class at scraptivate. Be well.




Melissa said...

This LO is even more devine in real life Mel!!! Love it! I think your mojo is back in full swing & I love it!!!

Jodie.. said...

one of the best cat pages i have ever seen ever!!!!
it was a "gasp" page for sure!!!

and how cute is ur kitten :)