May 15, 2007

Im sailing away......... Rottnest. Yeah a weekend away on an island. Sounds good huh, well Im going with 25 kids to do Rotto Invasion. It's a ctually very cool, scout groups go to to Rotto for the weekend and a spent a portion of their time picking up rubbish, to help keep Australia beautiful. I used to go when I was in venturers some 15 years ago, so It's nice that it has come full circle and I get to take some new kids to do the same thing. The picture above was from last year, so I can't wait to see if I can get some more fab pics. Hopefully, fingers crossed I will have my new camera by then and I will definatly get some great pics. Rotto's very unique in that there is no public traffic. You have to ride your bike or walk everywhere. It's great really, you get see a lot and don't miss anything much. Just hope it's not raining! I can handle the cold, just can't handle being wet.


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scrapwitch said...

hlooks and sounds fabulous mel..
have fun and take lots of photos