April 22, 2007

Card for my G'ma...

My G'ma turned 81 this week, go G'ma, what a women. I made this card for her, which she loved by the way. She rang me, she told me so, not just hear say from my biased self. I think it must be one of my more simple cards, but it's pretty effective. Complete with signiture flower and bling (I have to add both these things to just about everything at the moment). I missed the Birthday bash as I have been sick with a cold this week, and that is the last thing I would want to give her. We had a long talk on the phone this afternoon, and she was so excited to tell me that her rose bush bloomed on her birthday. That's pretty nice you all say, but what is even better is, it is the rose bush that my G'pa's ashes are around, and so far it has only given blooms on mothers day and now my G'ma's birthday. She's so happy that G'pa is around her at the moment. So, she scored with presents, got a huge box of chocolates, massive bunches of flowers, and a limo ride to see the all male review of Swan Lake. She's a lucky little chicky, and soooo excited about going to the ballet. She told me a couple of years ago she went once in England when she was on leave from hospital duties during the war (she was a nurse) and how much she loved it. So for her birthday last year I took her to see Red Shoes, so I think it's going to be a little bit of a birthday tradition from now on. Party on G'ma and may you dream of ballerina's.


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Anonymous said...

Love the card Mel - sensational!! Love the flower with the bling. And the scallops.

Love all the layouts too. Could we display some in the shop for all to see? Namely the cosmo cricket one - love that one!!