April 29, 2007

I am in Hangover Town.........

so last night I went to the birthday party of a much younger work mate, and know i am in a frightful state. my friend from work, nicole, had her 20th birthday at the ruby room. this might sound like an exciting prospect, and it was last night, but today i just want to die. it is curently 4pm in the arfternoon, and i am only just now able to sit up, i've had a cup of tea but that is about it. let me take you back to aprrox 6pm yesterday evening.

6pm, straightning my hair and doing the make up thing.
7pm, quick bit of dinner ( to try and help eleviate the problem I am currently suffering from)
7:30pm, quick start up drink, and decision on the right shoes to wear. (flats to boogie the night away, or kitten heels that just look fabulous with my outfit)
8pm, get dropped off at the cassino and join the largest queue I have ever seen (the club doors have not even opened yet)
10:02pm, finally get in the door of the club ( told you it was the biggest queue ever)
10:15pm - 2am, drink, dance and have a wonderful time.( showed the kids a move or two)
3am, dribble out of a taxi and into bed.
8am sunday, am as sick as a dog.

why are hangovers worse at 30 than they are at 20? note to self, next time don't drink so much, you just can't handle it any more.

Dispite this I looked fabulous last night, even if I do say so my self. But get this, the pathalogical picture taker forgot to get a snap before she walked out the door. was i just too excited? i do not know but i have no evidence of my outfit or the best job i ever did with my hair.

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Anonymous said...

That's just too funny Mel. I went to the Burswood for my 30th and considered the Ruby Room - but the 10 mile long queue put me off ... I admire your stamina just sticking it out in the queue!! Shame about the hangover, but hey, as long as you enjoyed the process of getting yourself to that point??