April 22, 2007

If I could turn back time...........

Can't you just hear Cher in your head? I have had it there all week you know, just about to go crazy from it. So this is week seven of my Beyond the Blue challenge, "If I could turn back time?". I sorta change it slightly to If I went back, cos I just couldn't have Cher right there in my scrapbook for all eternity. It just wasn't going to happen. Any hoo, the only thing I think I woud change if I could, would be to be more focused and choose what I wanted to do with my life and go after it much sooner. This is what I think, but I guess it is all subjective isn't it. I mean I was sooo into Art at school, all I wanted to be was an art teacher, and guess who talked me out of doing that?, yup my very own art teacher. I dropped all my art classes and then my studies went rapidly down hill from there. It wasn't till I was 20 that I decided that I was going to do it. I enrolled to do my TEE and went to uni the year after to do my Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts. To my surprise who happened to be in my class at the time?, my high school art teachers daughter, talk about karma will ya. I didnt do my Teaching Degree after , and have decided to just create, not teach. I have started teaching classes at Scraptivate, which I love and is the only kinda teaching I think I will ever do, not the institutional kind. Well, so I'm now on the path I should have always been on, just wish it had started a little sooner maybe, but I guess the turtle did win the race didn't he.

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