September 11, 2008

A little excursion......

I took myself on a little birthday excursion to the city to visit Tiffany's. I wanted to get myself something to celebrate, and looked around for ages. Let me say ladies, there are some extremely nice pieces there, but just a little bit more than I had imagined. I'm not naive in thinking they would be cheap or anything (I mean they want to attract a certain clientele), but I am surprised to say that you cannot get yourself anything for under $100. I did come away with a little something for myself, and I really mean a little something, but I love it, it is so very me. I shall take a bit of the item in question once I have found it something to hang on. Until then here a teaser.....

Don't you just love that duck egg blue and white????



1 comment:

carmen said...

Beutiful wrapping. But please please show us whats inside. Or just show me alone, I won't tell anyone, I'm very good with secrets,promise!(maybe not really promise but I'll try really hard).