June 09, 2007

Such a mess......

So this is my scrap space. It is out of control messy. Im terrible really, I work and just make piles of stuff to put away. The problem lies in that the putting away part doesn't come around all that often. I have so got to learn to be neater. I can just here my Grandmother in my head, "when you have finished with something , put it away straight away. This way you have a tidy place and you always now where everything is". She's right you know, but I some how missed that gene when I was in the genetic queue. I have to confess also, as I have been spending more time a home of late scrapping, I have made an equally bad mess on the coffee table in the loung room. You would think that one space is enough, but it seems the temptation to watch DVD's while scrapping is too strong, so I have a second mess to deal with. It's all to much really, think I will have to spent my sunday, truely cleaning up.



Nichole said...

Hey Sweetie.
i love all the bird motifs you have been using. so cute. and the little bird brooch!! how gorgeous!
I will email you some links of craft sites you should check out.
In the meantime, I am now a serial blogger:
www.nicholeskitchen.blogspot.com as the name suggests is about food and other kitchen triumphs and tragedies; and,
www.drawingwords.blogspot.com, this about everything else in my life.
Not alot of content there yet...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone else's scrap space is as messy as mine. I start with good intentions of putting stuff away, but it doesn't go well. I try to blame it on the fact that I don't have enough shelves and storage cupboards. Yep, think I will stick with that excuse.