June 23, 2007

North Beach and New Zealand.......

Two amazing adventures ahead of me, one today and one in about ten weeks. So today, Natalie and I are off to the Autism crop, just very excited I must say. And at the end of August I finally get out of the country!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my home, but when you have been trying to go see the world, or at least some of it since you were 15 years old you get a bit excited. The great thing is I only have to suffer through ten weeks before we go. I had a trip to Europe all planned for my 30th birthday last year, and I had been planning this since my 27th, so you can imagine my excitment, only to be crushed at the 3rd hour. My partner loves his job, and he got a promotion, which meant the trip had to be cancelled until a later date. I was completely devistated to tell you the truth, I had to even take a short 4 day holiday in Broome, to make it all seem a little less terrible, I did make it as far as Broome for my 30th birthday. That was lovley, but yeah, New Zealand, just toooo excited.

Well must go do some final packing for today, till then.



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Anonymous said...

how exciting mel!!!!