June 04, 2007

I've been tagged........

Thanks for tagging me Melissa, how exciting.

Name three things that scare you... Heights, the ocean, and snails.
The daggiest thing in your music collection... New kids on the block, sorry folks, it was a huge childish crush.
Your three favourite clothing items... SHOES!!!!, Bangles, Handbags.
Your partners most annoying habit... The huge, and still growing pile of newspapers in the corner of the dinning room. He just won't get rid of them.
What stresses you out... Bills, and bad drivers.
If I could change the world I would... Pay teachers a hell of a lot more, they are the futures of our children, redistribute global wealth, Employ Al Gore and turn the entire environment thing around the best we could.
Your favourite household chore… folding socks, just love it.
If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for… Shoe section or kitchen ware.
In my next life I would like to come back as… a cat.. would love to eat, sleep on window sills in the sun and have my back rubbed my whole life.
Your least favourite celebrity…Paris Hilton, seriouly, the girls needs to get a clue and a job.

I tag Natalie, Luci, and Nichole.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me Mel ... hmmm, does that mean I have to tag three people too? Not exactly sure of the tagging rules??