June 04, 2007

200 Photo's.......

Can you believe I took 200 photo's just yesterday? I think the new camera might be a bit dangerous. I attended a canvas class on Saturday and am so happy with my work, it will be given to my G'ma as a present. Also a quick post of a page I finished over the last two days. Just a little pic from the Emily Falconbridge class I went to earlier this year. I was at a little crop last night with some of the girls I work with, and I had promised myself to finish two pages. Did I get there I here you ask? Sadly no, I did nearly complete this page. Left there for home about 1:30 am and just wanted to keep going when I got home, so put in a DVD and worked until around 6:30 this morning. Had to go to bed then, and despite all intentions of having a sleepy old day, I had half a dozen phone calls and not so much sleep, so as a result I am really quite shattered at the moment. It was worth it for the Lo though. I am off to bed early as I have a full day ahead of me at the store tomorrow and my tuesday kids class too.




Nichole Westin & Peta Galloway said...

Hey Honey.
I succumbed to your pressure and posted a new blog. it has been a while, and your unfaltering encouragment is worth gold to me
I also have a myspace now, I've been using it to post some words under the blog section.
go to: www.myspace.com/stringofwords

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel, loving this layout ... perhaps we could display this one in the shop???????????????? Button girl looks fab!!