August 24, 2009

A new day....

Before I forget again, I didn't add a link to Kayla's blog, pop on over and check it out, she is very talented and such a beautiful person.

So.......... how do I start??? Lets just say that I haven't been in a good place for most of this year. I have felt gloomy, dark and overcast. But I have been feeling the stirrings of a new beginning coming. I need to throw open the curtains and let the light rain in, get out into the wind and blow the stink off so to speak. My creativity and my creativeness has suffered terribly I feel, and I need to get a whole new outlook on it. 

I think I am going to set my self little tasks, to help crawl my way out of this hole. I really haven't been taking any photo's really much this year, and I need to just get out into the world and start taking pictures. So that is what I am going to do for the next few weeks, take heaps of photos! I think that's a good start!

I have been taking part in Embellished Idol for that past few weeks which has been great. It's getting me to think outside my comfort zone and I think the gates of creativity are starting to open again. Here's the first three weeks LO's I have done for the comp, let me know what you think?

Week one
Week two
Week three

So there is a week four, but I haven't yet got a photo to blog, but I will sometime this week.

I am off on a small holiday this weekend with my Mum and Brother. We are off to Sydney on a family holiday which we haven't done since I was about 10 I think, so Im really looking forward to just hanging out with them and having some fun.

Have fun yourself!




Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, Tiff from Embellished here, I am happy to meet you at the station and give you some of my stash for the comp, I have way too much stuff and would have to live to 200 to use it all, I live at Camden, not too far outside of Sydney, let me know if you need anything and we can meet up, happy to help out a fellow Idoler LOL, Tiff :o)

Jenny said...

To my beautiful Mel Bel, hang in there honey (know what you are going through) it is great that you have got to the point of letting in the sun. Your layouts are absolutley gorgeous as usual. Have a wonderful time away chicken - hope to see you before you go though .... Luv Jen xxx

SkyeMJ said...

Hey Mel, I hope that the sun starts shining for you again soon hun :)
You are such a lovely vibrant person and it shines through in your work! I have been so happy to see you progess in idol!
Take care, enjoy your holiday and use the downtime for abit of soul healig :)

Suzanne said...

Beautiful LO's Mel there is nothing wrong with your creatiivty. Just think next week is spring and you'll feel more bouncy. Have a lovely Sydney break and hope you take lots of pictures.
Take care of you