August 28, 2009

Honestly it's a really big vase.....

I have had a few concerned emails regarding Olive in the vase. It's a really big vase, plenty of space for her to roll around in and she gets in and out very easily. She even stopped to have a bit of a bath at one point. hehe...... she's so cute. She gets in and out of everything...... it's her thing. Leave a bag or a box around and she claims it and gets in. So she's fine, all well and just having much kitty fun.



Audrey said...

Oh Mel surely no one thought this was a bad thing,,,, I'm LMAO again, she's a crack up,,, 'go Olive'
p.s missing catching up x

SkyeMJ said...

Hahaha I surely wasnt concerned, just laughing very loudly! What a little sweetie she is :)