July 13, 2008

Yay for me.......

I have literally just stuck my last little bit onto my final Masters entry piece and just wanted to tell somebody!!!!

So now I am off to make a roast beef sandwich and watch a movie in the lounge! Wish me luck guys, I have work really hard on my entries and I am so totally proud of the results. I promise as soon as I am able to post pics of my work for Masters I will, but it could be a short wait for that.

Have a happy Sunday,




Pamela said...

Good luck Mel I hope you do really well.

Love Pam

Jaimie R said...

Good luck with your Masters, how exciting!! I watched movies this arvo too (well, I watched some, and had a nap lol..)

rosebud said...

Good Luck with the Masters, you are so talented and fingers X you do really really well.....you are a Master in my eyes already.
Love Caryl K

Jenny said...

Good Luck Mel xxx - You will win with flying colours xxx

Glad you are having a relaxing holiday

Luv JEn xxx

Nicole said...

did you let out a huge sigh when you finished, god knows I did.

Good Luck hun.