July 08, 2008

Looky what I got............

Can you say serious impulse shopping?

I can and here is the evidence. I had to visit the bank, and in the entire car park there was one empty bay. Out the front of a gift shop mind you, with a lovely sign saying "Casa Nova Parking Only". Silly me in all my wisdom (what wisdom?), thought, I'll park there, do a quick once around the store to make it look like I was shopping there in the first place. So I go in...... and I come out 10mins later with a brand new Spencer and Rutherford Bag. A rather large, gorgeous one at that, so my bank balance is hurting a little bit right now, but with a serious discount (as the shop is closing down) how could one leave this beautiful bag there. Please someone tell me how I could have walked away.

So in short, either I have to embrace serious impulse shopping like this (which I really don't mind at all) or I have to park further away and walk to the bank next time!!!

What a way to start a 2 week break from work!! Pity I can't really afford to go any where much now to show it off. That's ok though, I don't mind staying home and just looking at her!

Have fun,



Jenny said...

it is much prettier IRL.....

It is soo nice Mel, and that bag it came in is deluxe as well,

Have a super duper holiday - catch up on some stuff and relax

Luv Jen xxx

byclops said...

That's one gorgeous bad!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, She is beautiful :)

Nice purchase Mel, even if your bank balance disagrees :)

Maz xx

Dee said...

gorgeous bag Mel, you must never bring it to work, I...oops....someone might steal it!