July 10, 2008

Power Scrap..........

So what did all you guys get up to last night??? Sleep maybe?

Me? well I am glad you asked. I had a bit of a scrap with Audrey Underwood, and Maxine Hazebroek, and did we scrap. Let me see what time was it that I got home?................................ Oh that's right 6:30 am this morning!!!! But we got some serious scrapping done!

I seem to find my scrapping is better when it is done in the wee small hours of the day. Might be something to do with hear the wind and the rain out side, but knowing you are safe and warm inside. Maybe? Or is it that it just takes a good 16 hours for my brain to start working to it's full potential? It could be that to.

I know that pics of my work have been scarce of late, but I promise that it will get back to normal soon! I have a few deadlines for the end of the week, for comps etc, and then I can start posting pics of my new work!

Till then,
have fun,




Jenny said...

You girls need some serious help !!! Ha ha ha ha

IM SOOOOOO JELOUS - That would have been so much fun xxx

I'm like you - takes awhile for the brain to kick in - BUT when it does and your on a roll you cant just pack up and go !!!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday xxx

Luv Jen

Binxcat1 said...

Good for you! Can I come next time? Glad you had fun chickie.