July 16, 2008

Domestic Bliss..........well almost........

So Lawley took this week off work to spend time with me.....OK i can hear the groans from here, but it's really very sweet.........and we have been having a few few really lovely lazy days together. We sleep late, watch a movie or two, have been doing tonnes of cooking...........yes I have been cooking!!!!, any of my friends knows this is almost a dead set miracle.........But I have really been having lots of fun! I have been craving food from my childhood of late, and If i could just find my Grandmothers macaroni and cheese recipe I would be happy to leave this earth right after I'd finished it. None the less, I have been making a few other things, Grandma's spiced apple cake, that I just can't get enough of (this week any way, I should have made two!), and today I have endeavored to make a good old fashioned casserole like my mum would make when I was little! It's in the oven as we speak so I will let you know how it went, but I have got a couple of pics of the cooking process, and a pic of how it is meant to turn out! Good luck to me I say. I also made a few Garlic breads, two for the freezer, and some to go with the casserole. Talk about domestic. I am almost a domestic goddess....nearly.  So what about the 'well almost" part of my title I hear you say......Lawley is such a good cook, he really doesn't need to follow recipes and stuff, but me I am to the letter, I follow every step, and if the recipe asked me to run around the kitchen I would! (definitely if it would make to food turn out exactly how it was meant to be!), so he was trying to help me a little bit, but got all the steps out of order and caused a slight stress attack on my behalf. Nothing to serious, but the recipe was asking for two tablespoons of flour, and he swears we had already done that when we seasoned the meat???? I didn't know where to go from there, how am I meant to just skip a step like that? the cooking police we so come and arrest me for that??? So after much confusion, I decided to just go with it! Fingers crossed it works. No wonder I don't cook, I almost need to have a bit of a nap after that little expedition.

Have fun,
cook to the letter,



All the lovely vegie's that have gone in!

And this is meant be how it will look, though I did add potatoes.

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Jenny said...

Mmmmmm... That looks good Mel, you can almost smell it from here !!! LOl - How did it turn out???

Luv Jen xxx