April 04, 2009

Oh how the time has flown....

Hello everyone, I am still here, still around, just been a little distracted, a little busy, an little sick, and a little bit lazy. Not a good enough reason I hear you all say. Please accept my most humble apologies, and i shan't neglect my blog so disgracefully again (i hope, hehe).

What's news I hear you say..... well the biggest news in my world is that I have decided to get a kitten. Now most of you know that I lost my beloved cat Kassie to tumours just before Christmas, it totally rocked my world, she was my baby to say the least. I had just recently begun to feel the gaping hole in my life, and thought I needed a new friend. So the wonderful Kelsey found me a brand new born batch of kitty's, and I am lucky enough to be the proud new mum to one.

Introducing Olive.....

Now I still have to wait three weeks for her to come home, which is proving to be quite difficult I must say, but i am consoling myself by preparing in great length for her arrival. She already has a basket full of toys, the most sparkly rhinestone collar I could find, a brand spanking new cat run (still under construction), and the cutest little food and water bowls ever made. Anybody got any suggestions on how i can further distract myself to make the next few weeks fly by????

Also, I have been hard at work for Julie Van Oosten of Collections Elements. I had the great privilege of creating some layouts using her new  release chipboard shapes to be show cased at SIA just this last week. What an incredible release, I just love it all. I can not simply pin down one favorite item. I just love it all. Here's a look at the layouts i created using this amazing product. 

I have a few others that I will post later in the week ( i have to spread the love, you can't get it all at once). Pop on over to Julies blog, Audrey's blog or Maxine's blog to check out the updates from SIA and see heaps of other amazing creation put together by these talented ladies. All items are available from Scraptivate if you love it and just gotta have it. I am looking forward to my days off from work this week, have the need to create just because, and am sooooo looking forward to it I must say. I have had very little chance in the last week, and really just need a bit of therapy. Well i do believe the sand man is here to pick me up for my date with a mattress, sleep tight, have lovely dreams, and see you all soon.

Love Mel



Nicole said...

Too cute Lissy, saw what you have done in the Scraptivate newsletter. AWESOME lot of Pretties.

Congrats on the new family member too.


Alishia said...

Awww Olvie is adorable, Cass Said Cute Kitty too!
Love your Layouts as usual!

Suzanne said...

That is really great Mel - she is a tiny little cutie I'm glad you found her Kassie would not want you to be lonesome for feline comfort.

Lovely creations also.

carmen said...

She is toooo cute! I know how you felt when Kassie had to go. My old dogs have a few health problems and i dread the day i have to say good bye.
Love your Layouts.

chrisw said...

Olive is very cute Mel..happy easter luv!