April 21, 2009

Five days to go......

There is only five days to go until Olive comes home to stay! Now I have been so excited, and I think everyone around me is soooooo over it. I kind of reminds me of how excited you used to get as a child waiting for Christmas morning. You know it is coming, but it just seems to be taking forever! Now I promise I wont harp on about her too much, but here's a few pics to update you all. She is soooo darn cute! I took her to the vet last week to get her vaccination, and we had a quick 20 min home visit just to play a little bit! I just love her folded ears, such an adorable trait. It's cool though, the vet said she has no problems hearing and it won't ever be a problem in the future. Oh.................five more days...............I'm having a week at home next week with her. It's the least I could do after ripping her away from her Mother and brothers and sisters. I'm hoping to spend the week playing with her, and scrapping, so hopefully I will have a bunch of new layouts to show next week.

Have fun

Mel  xxx



I am... said...

eeeeeeeeeeek!! she is sooooo cuuute!
oh i love her little ears.
what a cutie pie

Beth said...

Ohhh I should have headed your cuteness warning!!! Olive is so cute! Have fun with your new scrapping subject! ;)

SkyeMJ said...

She is soooo cute! I am not even a cat person, but that is a face even a dog girl can love!

Loving your latest layouts in the past few posts too by the way! I really should drop by here more often and keep up to date, I always LOVE seeing your updates!


kelsey said...

I KNOW you can't wait, though I don't mind hearing about it at work....unlike SOME people I know whom I won't name!!! lol

Jenny said...

NOW THERE IS ONLY 3 SLEEPS TO GO xxx She is so cute and she is going to the most loving home in this universe!