July 06, 2007

bad, bad blogger......

...and a totally bad scrapper too! haven't blogged in a while and also haven't scrapped in that long also. I have some really bad insomnia at the moment, and you would think that i would be getting lots of work done with all those many hours awake at night, but no, not getting anything done. i just seem to look at things, never eventually getting any actual work finished. i have a plan to break the insmnia, but have to wait till sunday night to put the plan into action.

im pretty excited about tonight, i am working at scraptivate, which i love, but then on top of that a group of ladies from the scrapbooking memories forum are coming along to the crop night. i have met a few of them, but it will be great to meet a few more.

i only woke up like and hour ago, and it's time to start getting ready for work already.

promise i will have a pic of new work next time i blog.




Anonymous said...

It would be just too funny if you came late to work because you "slept in" - since you don't start till 5pm!! Glad you made it ... and glad you love it ...

Michelle Jamieson said...

You poor thing, with insomnia!! I crave every hr of sleep I have, not that it's much, with 2 little kids and a scrapping Mum who's up half the night! Sometimes get the odd Nanna nap in, while the kids are having their sleep! LOL

By the way, you've been tagged! Check out my blog for details.

Chelle Xx