July 16, 2007

Silly me.....

So yesterday I spent some time doing the current dare at Aussie Dares site. Do you like it, yeah I was pretty happy, excited and the 6x12 format was much easier to do than I thought it would be. So anyway, went to have a look to see if anyones work had been posted yet, and I decided to re-read the intructuions for this dare. Finds from an op shop.... check, 6x12 format.......check, NO PATTERED PAPER!!!!.........ah shite I used pattered paper. I think this will teach me to slow down and really read things. How could I miss that, and it was in capitals as well, and I think maybe even underlined. Im soooo silly some times. Beside that major mess-up, I like it. I won't be sending it in though, seeing as I muffed up. I will have to make sure I read much more closley next time.


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