June 16, 2009


So I know I have been missing for quite a while....... but for some reason I have just not wanted to do anything. Literally....... so i went with it. So the other day, I was finally over come with drive, so I got myself outside and photographed the few things I have managed to do over the past few months (which isn't a lot at all) and here's a few. Now I not that thrilled with a few of them, I have a had an incredible dry creative patch, and most of the time I'm sure my mojo was on holiday in Paris or something, cos it certainly wasn't with me. It's starting to come good now, touch wood, hopefully, thank goodness! Got few things up my sleeve and shall be posting some more images of them and some up coming class sneak peaks very soon.

Mel xx

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SkyeMJ said...

Oh I always LOVE seeing your stuff Mel! You create such wonderful pieces! :)