June 23, 2009

Craftroom Kitty.....

So someone is making herself very much at home in my craft room. It's lovely, she follows me in, scopes out the best possy and watches........ for a min, and then everything is far to exciting and she wants to help. On top of the Cuttlebug basket is her fave spot if I'm in the room, (she goes in and plays with things when I'm not home, find ribbon and brads on the floor sometimes) and the window sill is fast becoming the spot to sleep. 

Poor Olive is nursing a bruised ego this morning though. She comes everywhere with me. Literally, she sits on the side of the shower and waits for me (getting wet the whole time), sleeps with me, come to the toilet with me........ and this was her down fall today. She is usually very careful, wants to check everything out, but this morning got a little too cocky and before I had a change to put the toilet lid down, Olive jumped up....... and this was priceless, as she is starting to come down I can see she is going "wholly crap where's the lid" and subsequently ended up in the bath. It frightened her, poor little thing, but the most traumatic part was I had to give her a bit of a bath to clean her up. She didn't love it and is a bit grumpy and not really talking to me now.

Oh wait, she's just jumped into my lap....... must have gotten over it already.



Standing on my LO's......?

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Audrey said...

"Crap" alright,,,,sorry couldn't help myself. OMGoodness, LMAO I could just see it as you told the story,,, poor Olive,,,,LOL still laughing..