August 19, 2008


So I some how have made it through the week six voting for Embellished Idol, and am currently working on my week seven LO. Thanks to everyone who may have voted for me, I actually can't believe I have made it this far. This is the third year I have been a contestant and I am so excited as I have never made it this close to the end. 

So this week is going to be huge. We are down to 8 incredibly talented women who scrap like the devil. I mean really how are we going to be able to choose this week, it is really going to be quite impossible really.

So apart for Idol, not much else has been going on in my life really. I have been working a fair bit of late, and not had much time for much else. I am looking forward to a weekend off. A whole weekend???? wow that would be amazing. I have started to think about some birthday plans. I am actually going to be in Perth for my birthday this year ( not that I really wanted to be) I had a secret plan to spent every birthday in my 30's some place other than home, but this year has escaped me. I am actually going to Melbourne in December to Heidi Swapp's big scraptacular day, so maybe I buy my plane ticket on my birthday and that will sorta seem like something?.........maybe. Hehe, nah, might be nice to spend this one with my family and my friends for a change. 

Well have big plans for my Wednesday, I am growing to love Wednesdays alot!!! It is my big creating day!!! No other plans but to play in my studio. I love that word!'s actually just a room with all my scrapping gear, and few shelves, and not much else. though it does always seem to be very full, messy and not much space to move. Maybe I should spend some time cleaning up in there tomorrow??? Narrrh, I am so playing, it is way more fun!!!! 

Well have a fab Wednesday everyone, hope you have sunshine and warmth in your day!!!!




byclops said...

Congrats on yoru Idol efforts!

Hrmmm STUDIO I like the sound of that room I always call my "study" but hrmm, seeing as i'm not STUDYING any more I think i'll start calling it the studio!!!!

Pamela said...

glad to see your having fun! I just the family to move back into my studio I missed them.

Jenny said...

Your new layout ROCKS AS WELL !!!

You will get through to the next round chicken - easy as !

Studio ! I like the sound of that - we call my area the scrapping room but STUDIO sounds so much better LOL

See ya on Sat night (dont forget now !!)

Luv Jen xxx