June 07, 2008

A New Freshness.....

I have been missing for a little while now I know, but I am back. I have to say I have really been suffering with a creative downward spiral. I think at times we all fall into the trap of thinking our work is not good enough, or why do we do it, should I spend so much time on it, I should really clean my bathroom instead of creating today. Well No more!!!! I will not feel guilty for one second for wanting to spend time doing something I love, that makes me happy, that fills my heart with warm tingly feelings, I will create!

I have been doing an art journal course now for a few weeks with Vivian Bonder and I have to say, I am having so much fun, I had forgotten how good it felt to "play" if you will. In appreciation of this playfulness, I have been doing a fair bit of web surfing looking at other peoples journals, and I came across this today on A girl and her journal. Even the music just makes me want to go play right now!

In fact I will, have fun, play hard and go forth and create!!!



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