August 02, 2007

Oh so cute.......

I had to post a piture of my cat Kassie! I was playing with the super macro function on my camera the other day, and got some wonderful close ups of her! She was none to impressed at having my camera in her face for 10 mins or so, and got very upset. I had to make it up to all afternoon, by putting the heater in the lounge on and giving her some special fish for dinner. She soon got over it, she really is a bit of diva! Thats why she has her diva T-shirt to wear in the winter!




Becca said...

sooooo cute! Mel, you have to show me how to get photos on my page!
Luv your work hun

Anonymous said...

love this piccy! make sure you show us the scrapped page :)

Jodie said...

lol my cat loves HER heater in the lounge room left on always!!!

beautiful photo :)
macro works great with cats, i have alot of mine and yep they do get pretty shitty hey!!!