August 15, 2007

My G'ma.......

Isn't she adorable, just love my G'ma. My cousin John had his 18th birthday over the weekend, and my family went to a resurant to celebrate this milestone. Great evening on food and conversation, and got a mess of photos from th night including this one of my G'ma and me.

Well the count down is really on now, two weeks tomorrow till we leave for New Zealand. Have a bit planned. Flying into Christchurch and then scooting off to Mt Hutt to the snow. I would love to go skiing, never done that, but Lawley really doesn't want to ski himself, so I may have to leave skiing again for another time, and do stuff we can both do together. I don't know yet, we will see.

Then we are moving onto Mt Cook, to walk on a Glacier. Very exciting, the ice is 600mtrs think and from the pics it looks spectacular. A few more day of seeing the sights of the South island, not sure if we will make it as far as Queenstown, might have to save that for the next time we go. Once back up to Christchurh, we will be going to Mt cavindish for a day. Going to catch the gondalas to the top and then hopefully weather permitting, we will cycle down the volcano. How cool is that.

From Christchurch, we are flying to Rotarua, where the conference that Lawley is presenting at will be. We get in on the 8th of September, The conference starts on the 10th, which is also my birthday, so will have to think of something special to do on that day by my self. I have 4 days while Lalwey is at conference to amuse myself alone in Rotarua, so that should be fun, imagine what I could get up to!!! There's a tubogan park some where close I believe.

Once the coference is over we will be flying down to Wellington for a few days of more exciting sightseeing before flying home on the 16th of September. It's all very exciting, and I don't know how im going to wait the two weeks.

This trip is exciting for so many reasons, I mean who doesn't want to go on holiday, but really it is my first overseas trip so it's a biggy for me. It's one step closer to my Europe trip that has never seen the light of a passport.

Much excitment. We are off jacket shopping this week, like serious cold weather clothing, so that will be exciting. Everything is exciting.

Im going to an International airport, I can't believe it.




Audrey said...

wwwoooohhooooooooo!!!!! Not long now.

Melissa said...

NOt long to go Mel....YAY!! Imagine the pics you will get! Any LOs? I need a fix of your work!