May 19, 2010

Mel's butterfly canvas descends on Perth......

So ladies i know we all love butterflies, who couldn't, so when Julie Van Oosten from Collections Elements asked me to make some samples for her for her booth at SIA recently, one of the first things i fell in love with was her new printed butterfly prints. The first thing i made her was a very simple very cute little butterfly specimen canvas.

The pictures above are of the second version i made of this gorgeous canvas. I had the pleasure of teaching this canvas to a group of amazing ladies at Scraptivate this last Sunday just pasted. They all had a really great time as they created their own little butterfly Masterpieces.

Seems this canvas was a fave of so many people that my humble little canvas was taught all over this fair city this weekend just past. It also happened to be taught to a rather large group of ladies at WA Create over that weekend as well. It is such a lovely feeling to know that people out there really appreciate the work I do, and there is no better compliment than that of others wanting to re-create it for themselves. Its really lovely to know something i created, and that people loved some much, is hanging in homes across or wonderful city.

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Samantha Hughes said...

This is so lovely Mel! ^___^