March 06, 2010

Ballet and Kittens......

So was lucky enough to be given a ticket to the Western Australian Ballet Quarry season for Christmas last year. Such an amazing gift. I was so excited about going with my sister in law Sarah. We packed an amazing picnic dinner complete with Rose water cake and sat in the cool afternoon breeze and waited for the Ballet to start. It had been in incredibly hot and humid day in Perth, and unfortunately all that moisture has to go somewhere and I think it all landed on the stage at the Ballet. So the ballet had to be cancelled as the floor was far too slippery for the dancers to even contemplate going on, but the head of the Company did bring the dancers out to give us all a little story about the dance careers. Lets just say Ballet dancers with no stage like to have a little fun, so two of the male ballet dancers decided to entertain us with there version of Beyonce's All the single ladies. It was sooooo fabulous, both guys did a fantastic job and it let us in stitches and ended with and applause to bring down the house.

Needless to say where invited back another night to see the Ballet which was wonderful. Honestly if you get the chance treat your self to a night at the Quarry to watch the West Australian Ballet company. Truly inspirational.

So we have had a birthday in our house....... my baby Olive is now One years old....... boohooohooo. No more baby kitten. But despite her age she is still so full of fun and life, never a dull moment and she is so so so cute and adorable. I do how ever constantly have to remind her that she is too big for the vase these day, but every now and then she just checks to make sure. I managed to snap these pics a few weeks ago. she tried desperately to get in. Sorry honey, you just don't fit anymore! xxx

Happy First Birthday Dear Olive ! xxxx So compare her now to her in the vase about 9 months ago. Hahaha I can't believed she fit and that it was her fave hang out.


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Audrey said...

LMAO at Olive,,,puurrr little 'no more Olive' ;0( Belated Birthday wishes to Olive.