December 31, 2009

I am finally back in the land of technology...

I'm back! Yay, i cant believe how much one can miss their computer until it is gone!

So i have a new putey, plenty of hard drive for my pics and there is no stopping me now.

So how is everyone, keeping well i hope. I have got a whole lotta things going on around me at the moment, so I'm here to update you all.

First of all Scraptivate has now got its very own forum! Hallelujah. I can't tell you how much i have want one of our very own. so pop over an join up and join in the fun here.

Also, I have start a little photo challenge site here. So pop on over to Shutter also and sign up and join in the fun there too! We are setting a prompt every two weeks, so there is plenty of time to get out into the world and capture it. You can have as many pictures for each prompt as you like, and i know the address is shuttergirls, but it is for boys to! I be willing send a little something special to the first guy to sign up!

Ok a scrapbook up date. I have been working heaps but as I haven't had puter access since Sept I have been really slack as to taking pics of my work, but i took a couple today for you to see. Tell me what you think!

And an Olive update...... She's just about all grown up. She's totally cute and is so much fun. Even though she did knock over the Christmas tree and manage to break a few glass ornaments.

It's amazing how much has happened in the past three months and because you can't tell your stories then and there you forget some of them I am sure. Other random things that have happened......

This is Jen and me on our Big girls night out to see..............

New Moon.

We had dinner out and saw the movie. We had both been hanging out to see this since we'd been to see that last one!

I have had a wonderful Christmas break with all of my families and I'm looking forward to a grown up New Years eve Party tonight! go Jen! xxx

Well that's me till another day, stop by leave me a message, and please pop by Shutter and say hello also! Would love to see you there!




kelsey said...

OMG Mel! I LOVE the pic of Olive licking her nose....just too gorgeous! Am about to send the link of your blog to Tony so he can send it to Ben.

Binxcat1 said...

hey chick... Happy 2010... love ALL your work as ever... esp the eighteen one... will be doing one of those for my DS before I know it! *gasp* *shock* *horror*

We are definitley catching up before Marnie goes east ok???? !!!! ;)

suzitee said...

Hi there Mel,
Thought you might get a laugh out of my blog post today.
Again, many apologies, and I hope you managed to get things back to normal after our whirlwind visit...eek. Not sure I'm game to show my face at the shop again.