September 26, 2007


So a few more pics from around Christchurch. It's a beautiful city, I imagine this is what England would be like, but I really don't know I haven't been to England .....yet. It's a particularly flat city, and every second shop just about is a bike shop, though honestly, we didn't see that many people riding in the city. Its a low building city, no buildings more than say 20 storeys an they were all Hotels, and really the CBD was much smaller than Perth. I really was surprised, but I guess there city population is a quarter of ours. I was also really was amazed at how clean the streets were, there was never any rubbish around, and all the water in the river Avon was crystal clear. Apparntly Christchurch still has the cleanest water in the world, and I can vouch for that. So the first pic is the Remeberance Archway in the centre of the CBD. The second pic is of the Mountains, we went to Pan'n'Save, and this was the view. Still taken from the CBD, so you can see what I mean about a low, small city. And the last two are some instalation art that we saw at the Cultural Centre. New Zealand has so much Gothic Revival architecture, it was amazing, and I think there was an effort to maintain and preserve all their old buildings if they could which I really loved. So the Cultural Centre was set in the old Christchurch University, a truely amazing collection of buildings, all Gothic style, so beautiful.

Well I'll post more again tomorrow.



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Anonymous said...

These pics are DIVINE! I especially love the first one from the post below! Looks so beautiful! Great to hear your stories too :)